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How are modern engine oils made?

The time of the simple mix and match and cross your fingers that everything works is now (luckily) over.

Today, engine oils are created in close cooperation between the vehicle manufacturer, the base oil producer and the additive manufacturer.

The vehicle manufacturer creates a so-called specification sheet with all critical requirements and tests for the new engine oil.

Based on these specifications, the base oil and additive producers can now start their development work.

Modern engine oil components (such as additive packages) are already designed on the computer today and checked for their possible suitability.

Ultimately, the components have to prove their suitability in extensive tests and engine stand test runs.

As soon as the recipe has passed all the test specifications and engine tests, this recipe is approved by the vehicle manufacturer (OEM).

Now this formula can be used by the engine oil manufacturer and the customer can be sure that these engine oils meet the requirements of the vehicle manufacturer.

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